Hallo I'm M dot Strange a lone animator creating strange new films for this bland old world... This new blog marks the end of my work on "We are the strange" and the beginning of my new animated featured film that for now I will call "Mysterious doll film" I have the real title but knowing it would give away too much about the story. I've learned a lot about animation and production in general since I started "We are the Strange" so I'm planning on completing this film in less than 2 years. Stylistically this new film will be similar to "WATS" although it will be much more refined and contain more 3d animation. I've been doing some tests with a new 3d style that I will employ in MDF (mysterious doll film) and it will allow for a much more flexible production process than the stopmo/3d one I used in WATS. This new film will also contain much more dialog than WATS, lip sync is usually very time consuming to animate that is one of the reasons why I avoided it in WATS, but I also wanted to really hone my visual storytelling skills which I did with WATS.

If you are one of the people who are waiting to see "We are the Strange" I will tell you that it is on its way in one way or another. This new blog is about the production of my new film, I know most of you have not since WATS yet but you will eventually... If you have any questions or comments relating to when/where/how you can watch "We are the Strange" please post them on my "We are the Strange" blog as this one will be dedicated to the production of my new film.

I hope to provide useful information and insight for other animators out there with this new blog... So if your starting a new project as well, may gawd have mercy on our souls :)


  1. Woo Hoo! first post, anyway...

    Hello Mdot, just wanted to let you know that I'm going to take part in this `making films at the same time' and It's cool...


    P.S. check my blog.

  2. josh here, from the 805. I seen WATS and it was awesome. I have every bit of confidence that MDF will be just as good. Are there going to be mega blood scenes too? Are you going to do youtube updates for the new film as well?

    thanks for the good times

  3. Very cool. I'm looking forward to following along in this blog. I've enjoyed the film school clips and the entries from the previous blog. Keep us posted! :)

  4. Hey M dot, I'll be watching this site closely (wish I could've found the WATS blog earlier).
    All the best.

  5. Sup d00d's! Nice to see you here on the new blog for a new cinematic journey :) I hope I can help you a long your filmicK journeys as well...Hey %25 of you have seen WATS good ratio! haha sup JosH

  6. Now it's 20%. I almost feel bad for posting.

    ...but not really. Cheers to film #2!

  7. Hey man,

    It's Pram!

    I just watched WATS, the film kicked ass! (email me on YouTube if you want the link)

    Actually, I kind of feel guilty seeing it free. This free information exchange is a double edged sword. I should PayPal you money. Same thing's happening with my music, too...Can't make a dime.


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