Professor_Strange ;)

So I've done a few animation lectures recently and I have a few more in the next month... My presentation is on Mixed_Media_Animation... it includes screen capture video clips and the like... I'm trying to figure out the best way to make it available online... but when I do I will post it here... I've also read a ton of good writing books recently and I will post reviews here soon...


  1. Sounds good. I learned a lot from your Sundance lecture video, and I'd expect these lectures would be even better, since you can go into more detail. I'm looking forward to it.

    Note: You might want to link to your YouTube channel in the righthand sidebar in this blog like you did in the We are the Strange blog. I know there are links at the bottom to videos, but these are to older stuff.

  2. I was envisioning a video of you talking, edited with the clips that needed to be seen, possibly even a split screen. So basically the same as all the YouTube videos, except with some more editing. Whatever you think of, the lecture will be great!


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