Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects CS3: Best thing eveR

If you want to know how I did this...

Then watch these two tutorial videos...

Yes now you can make disturbing animations of yourself too! XD Or ummm...wait?!


  1. Wow man, that looks pretty damn amazing. I haven't used AE in a while (switched to Mirage a few months ago), but that looks like a very cool plugin to have.

  2. Pretty cool. As it happens, I actually know the guys who originally came up with this animation technique (Adobe has reimplemented it for AfterEffects). You can see a demo video and Java application here:


    The video is also on YouTube:

    It's great to see it actually being used in widely available software.

  3. Hey JCL I hope Adobe paid them well to license they're technology because its amazing!

  4. No kidding. Just about all of Takeo's work is like that. Check out his early 3D modeller on YouTube:


    He came up with this eight years ago; I can't understand why similar functionality isn't in every 3D modeller today. The same is true of a lot of graphics research, unfortunately.

  5. Whoa he did that one too?! I downloaded that last year and was playing with it... yeh that guys a genius!

  6. Great tutorial. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks. Your blog is also very entertaining. Good work.


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