M dot at Resfest BraziL

I just for back from Sao Paolo, Brazil...The theaters were full... "We are the Strange" got a standing ovation from what I heard... I met tons of cool people and had a good time... Here's a photo of Clarice Reitschul (The film programmer for Resfest Brazil) Gabe Ibanez (Director of "Maquina" he's from Spain) and myself.

We are the Strange is also featured in this months DV Magazine.

I would like to give me MEGA thanks to everyone at Resfest Brazil and I hope to meet you all out in the world somewhere again! Thanks for having me!


  1. Congrats, M dot. It sounds like the movie was better received there than it was at Sundance.

  2. Glad the movie was well-received down there (and I really hope my bookstore carries that issue of DV Magazine)

  3. im in cyprus (south of turkey?) and i want to buy the dvd, will it be avaialbe online?

    i dont check in blogs often, email me at annavonglyfada1980@yahoo.co.uk when the dvd is out

    it would be nice if u added a mailing list box on your website (and blog) to receive news from your creative process, cause some of us dont explore youtube, blogger and social networkd that often

    thanx, bye


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