A book..why not?

Yeh so I'm writing a book on animation, filmmaking, being strange and all this and that... So if you see me banging away on my laptop thats what I'm doing... Sean is doing the illustrations for it... Here's an image from the part where I'm talking about why old media distribution deals sux0R...


  1. Dude that would be freaking sweet! Cant wait for it to come out! WHO IS STEALING YOUR RIGHTS?! Punch dem inda face :o

  2. I'll be buying this.. THE SECOND IT COMES OUT. <3

    We're trying to make a claymation movie on a very awesome story.. I think we're just going to make it before getting permission.. and just show it to the author. The worst thing that happens is he says NO DEAL, and then we'd just post it on Youtube as a fan film. But anyways.. I need some learning on the topic.. so this book will def. help me out.


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