Like a sparkler in the middle of the day

Like a sparkler in the middle of the day...

A song lyric from one of my past music projects... I've always felt that I could create bright and dazzling things that bring forth a deeper sense of wonder and excitement.... So I kept that image in my minds eye and set out on my journey... I burned the passion and the pain for fuel and reached the finish line bleeding to death only to have to stand out in the frigid Park City air waiting in line for a meeting with film business people so they could tell me that I made a film that only outcasts would like and that outcasts don't buy anything they just pirate it... So they could tell me that I did BAD by making something new and different... So they could shake they're money stick of cardboard fucking passionless experience at me and fly back to New York or L.A. to continue being miserable because deep down they hate what they do... I love what I do and I love the people that my work speaks too and I will never compromise my integrity or create impure work ever... I slap myself in the face this instant for even entertaining thoughts of listening to anything other than my heart and the screaming fucking burning passion that flows through my veins... Fuck the "film business" and anything else that attempts to dull the artists blade... I just so happen to like film as an art form but I've decided my next film won't be "film" I'm going to stop pretending that I like to follow rules... I never have and I never will... If a particular medium cannot fully express what your capable of creating than create an appropriate new medium... I don't care if I'm a sparkler in the middle of the day... I'm not going to get all em0 about it because next to no one can see the dazzling display... pretty soon we'll cut the power...blackout... then we'll see who burns the brightest.


  1. You deserve so much more respect than you get (including, of course, the internet community).

    I should have WATS by the end of the week. I have been looking forward to this for years now, and I highly doubt I'll be disappointed.

    I have faith in you and your work, so keep shining. We'll all be drawn to the light.


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