This sounds familiar...

So I happened across this while checking the animation/filmmaking sites I always check...its about a new film in production....

Snoot Ent. has tapped Josh Hartnett to star in its spaghetti Western-samurai-gangster hybrid titled BUNRAKU, according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Guy Moshe is the writer and director of the film, which will follow a drifter who strides into town seeking revenge and ending up in a bigger battle than he expected. Snoot's Keith Calder and Jessica Wu, Picturesque Films' Nava Levin and Ram Bergman are the producers. Production designer Alex McDowell (MINORITY REPORT) will co-produce the production, which will draw influences from puppets, origami, comic books, videogames and German expressionism. Production on the film is set to start in Europe this spring.

Hmmm so I'm making a Samurai film and the title of my film refers to puppets as well (Bunraku is a form of Japanese puppetry) hmmmm.... and my style draw's influences from puppets, origami, comic books, videogames and German expressionism...hmmm....

It is set in a bizarre, heavily stylised, lawless world, and is said to be based on various forms of Japanese art and culture, such as manga, video games and comics, with a dash of German expressionism. Hartnett will play 'the Drifter,' a man on a quest for vengance, who arrives in a strange town. Open warfare breaks out.

Hmmm We are the strange was set in a bizarre, heavily stylised, lawless world based on various forms of Japanese art and culture....hmmm...

Well it's only a matter of time before my style is ripped off so maybe this is the first one ^ ^

This is why as a true independent you can't stand still... you must continue to grow and innovate... if anyone tries to copy you they simply copy your old style and end up looking like fools over time...


  1. This astonishing Hungarian animated feature kind of reminded me of WATS at points. Even has pixel-art moments despite being totally analogue...

    more infos:

  2. Everybody wants to be like Mdot.

    We'll all know where the idea really came from.

    That makes me really angry.
    The least the guy can do is mention your work.

    What a jackass.

  3. It's a shame really, but if you do something truly new and cool, you'll be the only one doing something new and cool, so who else can they rip off? Everyone around them is making the same stuff they're making.

  4. You should invent some totally stupid f****up style that is so wierd that they have to rip it off, but in actuality it is a joke to make them look like suckers. Something like 'toiletvision' or 'squanime' (a combination of squirrels and anime)...


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