Heart String Marionette Production Schedule

May 1st : Working draft of script locked (98 pages)

May- June: Storyboarding (On Nintendo DS using custom version of Colors)

July: Animatic (Cutting .png's from Colors in FCP with temp sfx, dialogue, music)

August08 - Jan 09: Modeling, texturing, rigging all 3d char, environments, etc (With Cinema 4d)

Feb09 - Feb10 : Production

The journey has begun... may I live to see the end and realize my vision once again... thanks to all who help keep me alive and clicking ^ ^

Money talks... it doesn't mean you have to listen....

Another out of control "film" from M dot Strange coming soon... not tainted by the dollar or the hands of others... PURE, its what you should demand from your artists...purity... Oh wait are filmmakers artists?! Well I is ^ ^ So I will bring you the purity.


  1. Looks like an aggressive schedule... Very cool. It sounds like the script took about four months, then?

  2. The actual writing only took about 2 months to get through 5 drafts but I started outlining and brainstorming 4 months prior... So it was about 6 months total to get to the working draft...

  3. Sweet!You're coming back from the dead with a vengence!..Except yo didn't die but....

    Can't wait for the next film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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