Awwwwww workstation building on hold....

So I got all my computer parts today and did the pin mod and was installing one of the CPU's when I noticed a big dent in the mainboard with a capacitor missing?!... So I'm on the phone now with customer service trying to get a replacement shipped out...So my workstation building is on hold for a few days....


  1. THIS BLOG IS TOO TECHNICAL! post some noodz or gtfo.

  2. d00d what do you mean?! I have been posting noodz.... noodz of CPU's hahahaha...ha 0_o...Seriously d00d they are HAWT... thats why you need that arctic silver shit and a heatsink DAMN

  3. u know that stuff "dust" in the air, on ur keyboard, on ur screen and in ur mini towers.


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