Strange coincidence 0_o

So if you read my blog and watch my youtube vids you probably remember this

Me ranting about this Samurai film that sounded a lot like what I was doing as I had announced online some basic info about my project months before....

Now I see from the films imdb page that Gackt... formerly of Malice Mizer has been cast in the film...haha so odd... as I was talking about my film on youtube I was listening to Malice Mizer as it is known that I am a fan of the band .... Apparently the director went to Japan and asked Gackt recently and now he is acting in this film?! Thats too weird!! haha

Its funny though as I shouldn't worry about being copied... seeing that people can only copy what they have seen me do before or guess as to what I'm about to do... I guess they can copy that if that makes them happy or somehow makes them feel that they are original as if I never existed...I know that happens all the time... Unknown person does something new.... Person with money and connections steals unknown persons ideas and becomes known for it....

My paranoia about the aforementioned will just drive me to be more innovative and more extreme... as you will eventually see in HSM... I'm not making a "film" I'm making a ball of fucking insanity! Something no Hollywood producer would put money into haha Something no "A-list" actor would be a part of haha.... Something well.... something totally new and original ^_^

History is the ultimate judge... I know this.


  1. wow, that's pretty weird.
    but lol, Ron Periman is in it.


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