Thanks for the tech help!

Thanks to Ricky and Jeremy for helping me figure this e5410 OC'ing business out...

So I looked at all the links you sent and I think i have it figured out... some d00ds post explained it...

"There is a simple BSEL mod to change the 5410 from native 2.33 GHz / 1333 to 2.8 GHz / 1600. Just put a dot of electrician's tape on CPU pad H30 (BSEL1) and it will boot up at 2.8 GHz / 1600 FSB (400 MHz). You can then tweak up the FSB in the BIOS."

So I saw that and was all pad H30...yeh 0_o

Then I checked out the other links and 5100 data sheet and found these diagrams/photos...

So by checking all those pics.. it seems all I have to do is cover one pin (H30) and thats that... And it seems for the e5410 which I ordered I just cover the same pin as in the last photo... Sound right d00ds?

I will get the CPU's tomorrow and DO IT ^ ^ but the case came today OMG! Ricky you were right this thing is HUGE?! haha I don't own a car but this thing is almost as big as one! Its great those makes me feel more powerful XD

Thanks again yalls! AND if you want mega bang for your buck get two of these Intel 2.33ghz quadcore e5410 CPU's for $250 each and do this easy mod which makes them run at 2.8ghz... Or like so I've heard and will find out tomorrow (fingers crossed) If you buy the 2.8ghz version they are $700 each btw...

This one workstation has more CPU power then all 7 of the Computers I used on WATS combined haha


  1. Yah, that Cosmos case is a monster. You could put wheels on it and go to the dragstrip. Have fun.

    Double check the specific location of BSEL1 on the 5410 cpu. In the diagram it's 7 pins up, in the picture at the bottom the tape is on the 6th pin up. I think the bottom pix is not the 5410, but the 5150. That pix seems to have it on the G2 BSEL.

    Be sure to compare the cpu you bought with the picture at the bottom. If it has the same pin structure, then I'd put the tape on the 6th pin, if not then compare it to the H5410 data document pin map and try it on the where that document says BSEL1 is located (which should be 7 pins up).

    Since it's tape, their shouldn't be a problem with damaging the cpu as long as you you are careful when you remove/replace the cpu.

    good luck!

  2. So, which pin was it??? The one like the picture? or H30 on the diagram?

  3. I covered the 6th and 7th the pin covered on the photo and the pin above it as well... I found some forum post where the guy tape modded his 5410 successfully and thats what he did so I did it too and it worked for me.

  4. Sweet. Cool, it works. Thanks for the quick reply!


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