Workstation ordereD

So I had to hold off on getting the new DSLR and HD video camera because a check I was expecting didn't come in yet... but I did order the new workstation I typed about earlier... Came out to $2802.00 and I did get some aftermarket heatsinks/fans cause Ricky got me thinking about it ^ ^

When your thinking about a new rig and your 3d animated film its easy to start to believe that you need the highest performance machine out there but thats simply not true... I made WATS with an AMD x2 4400 machine with 2gb RAM and a 5900xt gfx card... a very modest to low end system for 2005-2007 and it worked great for me... So this time I'll have an 8 cpu system with 8gb RAM and an 8800gt gfx card... again NOT the highest performance machine but pretty good ^ ^ You could easily spend 5k - 7k on your workstation alone...but I'd rather get a render farm + server + cameras for the same amount of money...


  1. Cool. I know the fun (and frustration at times) of putting a new system together. I think your new system is going to work very well for what you want it to do. And I agree about a mid-level system getting the job done. If you plan your rig well (and you are a good planner), it will last a long time. My last build lasted for almost five years with only minor upgrades.

    Glad I was able to help with the fan/heatsink suggestion. And good luck with the build! Post a pix when you get the chance.

    PS the gfx on-board fan for the 8800GT is pretty bad (and noisy, too). If you are up for it, you can order a better fan and easily change the heatsinks. Here's a pix:


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