%10 of the budget of my new film is from youtube!

Well tonight my projector broke in a freak accident involving the paper clip that saved my laptop from robbers a few years ago...but anyway.... being desperate for money I checked into my youtube partner payment account which I never had done before annnnnnnndddddd.... I was surprised to find some money in there?! So now payments from my youtube partner account will cover %10 of the budget of my new animated feature film now in pre-production... My budget is next to nothing and I posted it here before so you can figure out whats in my YT account ^ ^ BUT I just think its WIN that a portion of my budget will be paid through youtube profits...

As things move along in this whole self distribution/new media/1000 fan/longtail thanG it would be great to have %20-%50 covered by YT profits and other audience generated revenue.... but I'm thankful for anythang and happy to be able to just make my films my way....


  1. That's great about the youtube profits. All of the info,fun and art you are giving to us should come back to you in some fashion.

  2. Dude--Fuck YouTube--you should not undervalue your work like that. YouTube has used you and your work beyond the average partner---you deserve real money in return. Email their punk asses and tell them you won't post shit unless they license it. If they say no, then go to the YouTube clones and say the same until you find some that value your work. Or even better yet, create your own site and host your videos with AmazonS3 or something like that. Use YouTube only for trailers and short clips to lure peeps to your site. They will never pay 20%-50%---they do not value you, because too many of us do not place a high enough value on our own work. Until enough talented people establish that their work has value, YouTube and the rest will continue to buttrape all of us.


  3. Oh now you got me all excited about the next Strange extravaganza!


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