Build an M dot MAchine ^ ^

w/ custom Sean Boyles paint job

$2,400.00 (without shipping and tax)

I got the specs for the new workstation I built HERE

I changed a few things like gfx card and Hard Drive....and I pin modded the CPU's to run faster...

Here the exact thangs I bought to build mine in case you want to as well...

Coolermaster case: Its big, strong and has space for everything I need

Seagate 1tb Hard Drive: I was going to go with dual Raptors in RAID 0 for a boot disk but that increases my chances of losing meh system drive by %50 so I went with one big drive

Lite-on DVD burner: Nothing much to say about and cheap

MSI 8800gt Gfx card: Once I worked out the kinks this standard gaming card is great for 3d app work as well

Tyan Mainboard: I wish it had firewire (1394) on board as well but I've had no problems with it at all

8 gigs of A-DATA ram... Cheap and stable

Two Intel E5410 Quadcore Xeon Processors: Add a piece of electrical tape and they perform like CPU's costing $500 more

Seasonic 650w PSU: Quiet and enough power for everything I will need

Here is the Cinebench benchmark score for this system

Its on par with a dual 3.2ghz Mac Pro which costs a bit more ^ ^ as this system cost $2,400.00 and a dual 3.2ghz Macpro with similar specs costs $5,200.00

M dot MAchine: $2,400 for 21,045 CB Points
Top of the line MacPro: $5,200 for 21,534 CB points

So the CPU is right up there with a machine costing $2,800.00 more! A pretty good bargain if you ask me! Next time I geek out on this blog I'll be building a six node render farm inside of an Ikea cabinet just like the famous Helmer Linux Cluster built by that cooL Swedish guy!


  1. Oh man. WINNING.

  2. Fantastic. Shows what research, smarts and careful planning can do. Awesome rig, Mr. mdot. The artwork on the case is the piece de resistance! Congratulations.

    Very interested in seeing how you put together the render farm. Didn't know you were such a farm boy.


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