Cinema 4d 11 tested ^ ^

So I downloaded the demo of the new version as you can here

I've been using version 9.1 of Cinema 4d for a long time...since then... they upgraded to 9.5---> 9.6--->10.0--->10.1--->10.5---11

There were a lot of interface changes and the like from 9.1 so its a little awkward for me to use as I have to get used to it.... BUT

The new NLA system is powerful! The layer system and motion clips will make what I do a lot easier...

If your making an animated feature film alone with this and like SMORT you will try as best you can to use the same rig for most all the characters...that way as your working you can save out the animations as motion clips as reuse them with all the other models as production moves along OR you could take a few weeks to create a motion library ahead of time ( Walk, run, jump, swing sword, crawl...etc) what ever motion you would be using a lot of....

Its like a making a poor man's mocap library by hand except its not mocap and yeh like you did it by hand haha

Since I didn't have this capability when I did WATS I would have to save a whole animated character and reuse it in a scene... so I had like a robot run cycle and I would have to load that exact model in the scene everytime I wanted to use that animation... it was kinda cumbersome...

Also Xrefs were added in version 10.5... something I plan to make use of to make my pipeline more flexible....SHIT my brain is getting overloaded with all this new cool stuff I need to sketch this out on paper and understand how I'm going to utilize it...


  1. Sorry for the late comment, but I was at Siggraph (the big enchilada graphics convention) and funny that you should bring up C4D 11 because I was at the luncheon Maxon gave for C4D and was drooling all over the place about the new features. The stacked animation feature should be ideal for you (I thought exactly that when they were doing the demo). I spoke with their CEO (Paul Babb) about you, too. Telling him about your new film and how you built a rig around C4D (mostly) and he remembered you.

    Wouldn't it be great if they sent you a copy as a promo for their product? You might consider contacting him if you have a mind to. Can give you email address. He's a pretty cool guy.

    Glad to see the work is prgressing well. Cheers!


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