Hardware/Software test "Rabbit Junk" Promo

So since I have to stress test my stuff and make some animations I decided to make it useful... So I'm creating a short promo for the band "Rabbit Junk"... really liking theY new album and I modeled that weird rabbit so like yeh... All the animation is done...just waiting on renders so I can composite the last few clips....

I did it all really quick but I like the way it turned out... I used Cinema 4d 10.5 which doesn't have the NLA tools so I was copying and pasting keyframes which isn't that fun... but with some of the new texturing features and judging by the way that rabbit turned out... I could easily create my "Rain" character from "We are the Strange" in 3d now... Actually if I made WATS today it would probably be %90 3d...So for those of you that wanted a "We are the Strange" sequel... I can say for sure that those characters will live again in 3d in the future ^ ^ I'm figuring out how to make my 3d look like my gritty stopmotion puppets... and getting faster at everything in the process...hmmm when can I fit that in?????

But yeh I'm hoping the renders are done tomorrow so I can comp em and post the video before Friday...need to get back to HSM and FACE stuff... oh yeh FACE is a live action/animated short film I'm almost finished with... there's a preview vid in my youtubE.