Hell M0Phucin YES!!! C4d 11!!!

So it seems Cinema 4d 11 will be announced tomorrow... 11 is a magic number and it seems C4d 11 is pure WIN!!!

Here's the new feature I'm most excited about...

- Non-Linear Animation
Move beyond the keyframe. Animation Layers and Motion Clips tools let users easily build, layer and loop discreet motions containing hundreds of keyframes in complex hierarchies.

I had NONE of this when doing WATS... Animation layers alone makes me 9000x times more powerful! I was messin with the new Poser Pro and it has animation layers...really powerful and time saving... and Motion Clips are awesome...Motionbuilder has been using them for years and now I shall have themS... If you do things smart you will create your characters so you can share motion clips between them... I can't do mocap but I can build a library of motion clips to reuse throughout production... this I will dO!!!

I'm so fucking GEEK excited I'm gonna post the box image like 11 more times!


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