Nvidia/Vista64 driver MADNESS

So I'm running Vista 64 on my rig with Aero and all the visual bling crap turned off...

I have an MSI 8800 GT...

Weird stuff happens...

I've documented the Open GL performance weirdness on this blog before...

I got decent Cinebench Open GL scores with version 177.26 of the nvidia drivers BUT I get some weird screen tearing in Cinema 4d and other 3d apps crash a lot... video apps and 2d apps are fine... except Open GL freaks out in After Effects from time to time.... So I decided to try other drivers to see if I could find a performance/stability sweet spot... Here's the drivers I've tried to far....

169.02 Poor OGL performance
169.28 Would not install
175.16 Poor OGL performance
177.26 Good OGL Performance Sketchy stability
177.66 Poor OGL performance
177.73 Poor OGL performance
177.79 Poor OGL performance
177.83 Poor OGL performance
177.89 Poor OGL performance Decent Stability

The difference between Poor and Good OGL performance is about %40 by the way...so it makes sense to me to get that extra performance...

And I'm also testing with different setting in the Nvidia control panel...VSynch off etc.... Each time I uninstall the drivers with Windows Programs... panel... a few of the drivers didn't completely uninstall and fucked subsequent installation attempts so I had to use Driver Cleaner to install another set....

The thing that makes me go WTF is when testing the 177.26 drivers... So install them... modify Nvidia settings....run Cinebench =low score.... Quit Cinebench... DO NOTHING... Launch Cinebench...run it = high score... repeat quitting and launching and testing over and over = high score...it makes no sense?!! Then if I change the nvidia settings the first time I run Cinebench I get a low score again... quit and test it again and high scores forever?!?!

I just read online that in 2007 "%30 of crashes in Vista were due to Nvidia drivers" hmmmm....

So I decided that I'll be buying a Radeon HD 3870 card at Frys tomorrow...another bike ride ^ ^ I'm tired of this driver bullshit... Lets hope the ATI card is like a dream come true ^ ^ If not I'll keep grinding on this shit.


  1. Hope the ATI card works out better!
    I my self have a 8800GT ruing windows 32-bit
    And I'm playing around with AE CS3
    and I would like to know if you feel any difference in rendering time or whatever with the ATI card
    But since all the work is on the CPU not the GPU there shouldn't be any difference. Only in 3D apps

  2. Oh btw! Wouldnt it be the best idea to grab a workstation graphics card?
    Wouldnt they have special drivers for all the 3D apps? Well they do cost a fortune...

  3. Man, sorry about those drivers kicking you in the head like that. Vista has all kinds of strange issues like this; it's the reason I've stayed with XP SP2. Perhaps the ATI drivers will work for you. st1 is right about the workstation card, but it's boo-koo bucks. You might consider getting the 4850 instead of the 3850 as the prices have come down and you get like %50 more performance plus good driver stability in Vista. It's a bit more money, but would be worth it in the long run. ATI is really making strides in it's recent cards.

    Anyway, I hope it works out for you. Keep us posted!

  4. Nasty problems; good luck with the ATI card.

  5. Man, I have the ati.
    And I must say, I'm not sure how it works out with render times and quality and stuff. Buut, it is a good card. I've had no problems with it yet :D

  6. Ok ATI then... and I checked into it yeh the 4850 is a better deal... off on the bike now to get that one! Thanks d00ds!

  7. That sucks d00d, the 8800 is a good card...

    If I had to guess though, I'd say the problem was with vista 64. I think if you were running XP 32, hell, maybe even Vista 32, you'd be ok, but then you'd be stuck with 3 GB RAM, so gl with the ATI card, I look forward to your post with the results


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