So yeh did some research... apparently the 8800gt pwn's hard when it comes to directx performance which most all 3d apps and games use but ahem... Cinema 4d uses Open GL... and apparently OPen GL performance SUX on some 8800gt cards...sigh... just when you thought you did enough research....SIGH

I rode my bike to fry's to get a floppy and I just flashed the mainboard was nerve racking! The mainboard kept beeping like a heart monitor and I was all OMG don't crash!!!! But it didn't so now I'm a mess with it some more before trying Vista 64...


  1. You know, I have been reading all these blogs and while I don't really understand anything about building computers, it sounds like you are almost there....haha. Oh, btw, when should we (Mediatroid) expect an email of the script? I understand you are mega hella busy...

  2. Oh, man, 8800GT with bad openGL? Crappo. How could you know? Maybe you need to switch to ATI 4850 or 4870....if you can sell or return the old 8800Gt. Legitimate reason for return, I would think.

    Yea, flashing mainboard is like living in hell for a few minutes. Or like being "M" when all kinds of crap starts happening to him.


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