Open GL lagging....

Ok so workstation is all built...did the tape mod... installed XP64...drivers etc.... The MSI 8800GT I bought does NOT have xp64 drivers so I got the newest Nvidia ones... Its only scoring a 3267 for OGL in cinebench which is half of what it should be... I ran some direct-x benchmarks and those are where they should be... After effects Cs3 GUI also seemed to be a little slow compared to my old rig... So me thinks its a graphic driver issue... Seems Xp64 drivers are kinda rare... Next I'm gonna install Vista 64 because the MSI card DOES have Vista 64 drivers.... I've ruled it out being a power issue as I have a 650w PSU with 56A on the 12v rails... and I only have one Hard drive and 1 optical drive... Could still be a mainboard issue I don't know? Really seems like a gfx driver thing... Why would the direct-x scores be normal with the Open GL half of what they should be? Most 3d apps use DirectX but mine, Cinema 4d uses OpenGL so I kinda need it : (

Besides the OpenGL suckness.... the tape mod worked great! So thanks for the advice! Right now its Cinebenching at 21476 which is pretty good compared to these scores..


  1. How about leaked drivers?
    I don't know much about hardware, but I saw it suggested in several places for xp64 users.

  2. Hey, congrats on getting your new rig up and running. Which pin did you add the tape to for the bsel mod? 6 or 7? Just curious.

    Sounds like a driver issue as you say, but 64bi systems are tough so you'll have to do a lot of troubleshooting, I imagine. Does the MSI board have updated (current) bios?


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