The other side of M machine

So my friend Sean Boyles painted the other side of my new workstation... it looks so WIN now I want to ask him to paint the whole thing like that ^ ^ BUT it might be better as the mixed media freakshow it is now ^ ^ Filmmaker magazine is going to be running some making of stuff on HSM in upcoming is one of the pics I sent them...

If your not a computer geek GOMENASAI for these posts... Lots of d00ds are into cars.... I don't have a car... I had to make a choice when I got out of college... i saved some money from working in construction in the summers and on weekends while I was in college and when I graduated I could of either bought a car or a computer... I figured the computer could take me further than any car could... years later and 12 countries later which I got to visit because of the film I made on my computer I know what the right choice was ^ ^

ALSO thats the brand of sacrifice from BERSERK on the front with a small pic of Guts from Berserk at the bottom as well.


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