Rabbit Junk "Black" Promo by M dot Strange

So yeh i finished my 2 day test of the new workstation and Cinema 4d 10.5.... If I had version 11 I would have done a whole music vid but I HATE copying and pasting keyframes so I'll probably do the rest when I get version 11.

Here' the video in kinda HD at Vimeo

And the YT version

A special gift to yall blog readers...this FULL 1920x817 quicktime version..its 169megs Right click the link to download it


  1. Yes!!!!

    Full size version...

    Seriously this is awesome...

    Are you still coming to London in OCt??????

  2. Oh, yeah! Leave it to you to take a test and turn it into something creative. Excellent work. Love the layered sound at the beginning and all of the layered textures. And thank you for the HD version. Hope that C4D 11 comes soon for you.

  3. sweeet.
    a special HD version :D.
    man, I like how the animation is so smooth and nice with the time.
    looks like your new rig is running nicely :D


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