Things where they should BE!

So I still have Vista64 on the workstation.... The After Effects UI is a lot snappier in Vista BUT Cinema 4d had all these screen tearing problems and I was about to go back to Xp64 when I found a Cinema 4d specific post in regard to Vista... Apparently Vista has a "Compatibility mode" option... If you right click an exe and choose the compatibility tab you can see these options... the post I found said to switch it to XP compatibility.... before this my Cinebench OpenGL score would not go over 3600 in XP32, XP64 or VIsta64... I ran it in compatibility mode and suddenly my score was 5241! Thats about were it should be... then I went to the Cinema 4d app and switched it too and now the screen tearing problems are gone!

So the CPU heat issues and poor gfx performance issues are gone! Now I just need to decide between Xp64 and Vista64... Xp64 has been dropped with XP 32 so its probably not the best choice for the future... I turned off all the extra bling crap in Vista but it still has a larger memory footprint than XP even since I DELET0ED the pagefile ^ ^ but for some reason I'm leaning toward Vista... I'm gonna run some more render tests with C4d and make sure everything is ok...

THE STRUGGLE... yesterday as I was riding my bike a few miles to Fry's to buy floppies to flash my bios the wind was blowing hard in my know like you peddle like a hundred times and move 5 feet?! I was riding through this industrial wasteland with shanty towns and splitting concrete and I started laughing... I've been through so many struggles trying to make my films all I can do is laugh now and enjoy the challenge... So next time the world throws you a loop or like 33 in row just laugh in its face and say IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?! Put your head down....maintain your composure (you can curse a lot though it helps but dont break anything) put your head down and keep walking into the wind... the harder it blows the harder you stride, grimace is you have it that you will never back down even if your limbs break and snap off you'll keep coming...It will respect you for this show of will and eventually let you pass... it might even blow at your back helping you along like it did for me on my way back... this is what its like to create alone. Winning and losing invisible battles of wiLL.


  1. Fantastic! Congratulations on your breakthrough. Had no idea Vista has a compatibility mode. Sounds like Vista is going to work for you.

    So true about determination and will power. I had to laugh thinking of you riding your bike in the wind and laughing like a wild man!

    You are an inspiration, mdot. Thanks for sharing your ideas and work.

  2. Nice, you got the whole situation worked out.
    Man, so much time is being put into the things to get this whole thing going. I know HSM is going to end up amazing.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. i guess som people think the end of the world is coming before 2010 lol. keep well good dood.

  4. On that wind portion... Pure poetry.

  5. I haven't used Vista much myself, but from what I've heard, it caches files a lot more aggressively than XP does. So some of the expanded Vista footprint isn't really memory that's in use -- it's memory occupied by files that Vista thinks you will need soon, accelerating hard drive access and program launches. Presumably if another program on your system really needs the memory, Vista can free up the files that it has in cache.


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