Time for a tesT!

So after outlining workflows and planning production pipelines today I decided it was a time I tested a few things....like real tests, testing all this new stuff under stress...stressing both hardware and software... So I modeled some evil hammer handed rabbit guy real quick rigged em up and painted him... made a real quick set with Cinema 4d primitive items...

It has nothing to do with HSM or my new short film FACE btw just something made for a test... So tomorrow I'll toss him into the Cinema 4d 11 demo and really test out the motion clips and animation layers and all that... too bad the demo can't save or render anything out... IF I really feel inspired tomorrow night I'll make a music video for this d00d in the set I made ^ ^ Can't use C4d 11 though so would have to use the old one....


  1. So is HSM going to be stylised like WATS?

    I mean...I know its going to be all 3D, but how realistic is it going to be (either way it looks badass)... >.>

  2. Pretty cool test creature, mDot. Man, I wish I could pluck C4D11 out of the air and give it to you.

    What's this about "Face"? Have you mentioned this before? Where was I..


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