What I learned today....

So I checked the tape on the bottom of the CPU's there was a little extra on both that was getting caught on the side of the CPU... clipped that off... cleaned, reapplied AS5, temps dropped about 10'C... then through interwebs research I learned that most all temp reading apps cannot accurately read 45nm chip temps... as they are set for 65nm chips... there is a TJmax setting...the max operating temp for a given CPU... and if its not correct your temps will be wrong soooooo I found out the the TJmax for 45nm chips is 85 so I changed that in Realtemp, the supposed best temp reading app ....and now they CPU's are at 42'C idle and 59'C full load...

So it seems the CPU issue is out of the way and like maybe the 8800gt just SUX at openGL... My old PC scores a 2010 CInebench OpenGL score and this one scores a 3600... so it is an improvement..just not as much as I had imagined :( I wanted like over 5000!

Oh yeh I loaded Vista but I don't like it...prob go back to Xp64


  1. I feel like such an effing idiot when I read some of this stuff. hahahaha.

  2. Excellent! Glad you worked that out so cleverly. Totally forgot you were using 45nm cpu's. Make sense to adjust RT to TJMax specs for that size cpu. I wonder if the bios flash helped out as well. Nice geekage, Mdot!

    It may be that the 8800GT is really a gamer card. This article at TomsHardware talks about Workstation graphics cards that are used specifically for openGL apps.


    And I think you'll be much happier with XP than Vista. Too many of my friends have all reverted to XP. Something's not quite right under the Vista hood.


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