Wow my blogS getting CraZY geeK

So its not a driver issue after all as I installed Xp 32 and got the newest drivers from the card manufacturer...

I ran the same Cinebench benchmark and the Open GL scored 3524?!?! The same as it did under Xp 64...

Here are some 8800gt scores from an online database...

Athlon 64 4800 1.8 GeForce 8800 GT Win XP 4108
Core Q6600 4.0 GeForce 8800 GT Win Vista 64 5109
Xeon quad core dual 2.8 GeForce 8800 GT OSX 10.5.4 6076

And I'm still getting the weird cpu readings?!?! Like in Speedfan the "CPU" temp reads: -128C and the "Core" temps are anywhere from 66C - 70C

PC Wizard lists the "Processor Temperature" as : 40 C and the "Cores" from 55C - 64C

CoreTemp Lists the Cores from 71C to 81C

All these readings are at %0 Load... and yeh the heatsinks are barely warm at all...

So its either the mainboard or PSU thats ruining my life meh thinks?!


  1. Ouch! I sympathize with your frustrations. Something geeky with those cpu readings. You'll never get the same readings from separate programs. At least, I never have when I've had problems like this. My gut tells me its a mainboard issue. Why don't you try removing the tape on the cpu pins and see what happens?
    If you are still getting shut-offs or hugely high readings, check MSI board heat problems at forums and at the MSI forums. Perhaps someone can shed some light there. I've never used an MSI board, so I don't know if they have any ticks or issues.

    Good luck working this out. It can be a headache. Will help as much as I can.


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