A book oh yeh

So I've been kinda workin on a book here and there for the past 2 years... but never got too serious because I had no way to publish it... Then I found this recently... Seems like a real easy way for me to distribute a book...

So what I've been writing recently is kind of a manual for the "M dot Strange style of visual cinema" or something like that where I'm breaking down why I do what i do...and I have some other stuff I wrote for "Rebel without a cast OR crew"... its kind of a creative manifesto as well...

Since you don't have to pay to make any books ....even if only 6 people buy em its aight...

So I want to know... for the peeps that read this blog... What information would you want in a book if I wrote one?


  1. Is your book going to be about WATS or just your filmmaking in general? Or just you in general? Haha, I think you should definitely talk about stuff that you did in your early film skool videos, what motivates you to do what you do. I really found your film skool videos motivating, and I think if you incorporate the ideas of them as well as your experience working on WATS into a book, it would be Mega Hella Awesome.

  2. you should put in basic tutorials on how to use the programs you commonly use, specs on the hardware you use, and specs on hardware that would be sufficent EnOugh. i would like to read bout stuff on visual contrast, color compostitions, and like how to make every shot the most interesting. and it would be cool if you put in adresses for websites that can help you further, like if you want to learn More about zbrush, this site is awesome. you know? idk

    and i think people would like a bit in there bout how to persevere, in a world of haterz. (wit the 'z') because thats one thing you have taught me, put your head down and make what true to yourself without buying into others

  3. First, thanks for the film schools. It's very inspiring.

    As someone who has done 50+ mini dv shorts, I'm wonder how hard it is to jump from live action to animation. If you want to learn to animate, what is this best way to learn? What skills did you not realize you needed till you started doing this?

    Your stuff about dealing with Hollywood sounded interesting, but I was curious what specific stuff happened in those meetings that made you say "no, I'm going totally independent."

    I mean, if you tell us why you do what you do, and how to do it too - that would be an amazing resource. Good luck on the book, I look forward to reading it.

  4. you know I'd totally read it xD

    Another possible site to check out is lulu.com. They don't charge you for printing either, and it's gotten pretty big on the web, so you might have a bigger potential consumer base there. I dunno, either way I'd buy it.

  5. I second demonic_pascal's comment about lulu.com. The self publishing/print on demand market can be really sleazy and lulu has a high reputation with all of my horror writer friends. One of the things they can do is get you an isbn number for your book so Amazon will carry it. If you go with create space ask them for an isbn and be sure to read the fine print. I notice they offer a "pro" version membership which is certainly a hook go get you to pay more. Lulu just does your book for a flat fee.

    The idea of doing a book is a good on, mdot. I'll certainly buy it and I'll sell it at the bookstore where I work (iliadbooks.com)

  6. Count me in as a buyer for the book. I would love to read it. I've had several friends who have put out really nice books through lulu.com and they have all been very happy with that company. Definitely worth looking into.

  7. Ya you should totoelly do that!

    Maybe it could be like how you got started and how to do str8nime and your philosphys on movie making and all that Rawksomness!


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