Filmbaby ftw!

If you ordered a WATS DVD online you probably got it through I just have to say that my experience with them has been nothing short of WIN... The guy that runs it, Jamie... is super cool and like... on it trying to make money for the filmmakers he works with... I didn't do any special deal with them just came in like anybody else would and I am now funding my new animated feature film through my sales with filmbaby...

So I just ordered my new mini render farm right now... 4x Q9300 boxes with 8gb RAM for the geeks interested... I was only able to do so because of filmbaby retail sales...

This is the way it should be... I mean I did bust my FACE authoring the DVD's and doing all the design etc... but once that was over I spent ZERO time or money on promotion outside of me mentioning it on youtube every once in a while... That allows me to do what I'm supposed to do... make films! I could have spent a lot more time trying to promote it and trying to work sponsored deals with other companies but that would have taken time away from me actually making films and as much as I like flashing the salesman smile and talking about my stuff I'd rather be holed up in this room with my computers makin madness... and so thanks to filmbaby...I can.

So if your looking for a place to sell your DVD try them out at Your pal M dot gives em like ten thumbs up ^ ^


  1. Yes, it's a very good company. I'm glad that they are working so well for you. I purchased by WATS DVD through them and it worked like a charm.

    I believe they have a sister company called cdbaby which carries all kinds of interesting indie music.


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