HyphY and realitY

So now that ipods come in all the colors of the hyphy rainbow which I lurve to use in meh designs I'm all like whoa.... these colors used to be too bright for normal grown up folk application but now they are in teh mainstream in places besides kids crayons?... FUCK how much further do I need to pump up my RGB values to stay on the edge?!?! ^ ^ I put Itunes 8 on my laptop and the new "Jelly" visualizer is pretty much like single cell Str8nime organism fireworks... Colors Colors Colors... My colors aren't cutting edge anymoreS OH NO What will i do NOWS?!?! XD FUCK

So being an all around animation-video-film-audio-gfx geek and seeing that I have a long history of twisted live action productions... I've been following the tiny CMOS HD video cam thing... I finally made the leap and got a Canon HF100 which costs under $700 but shoots 1920x1080 24p video onto SDHC cards... No capture! Awesome I said... No tape?! Awesome I said...HD not SD! Awesome I saiD!.... So then I got it today....

The thing is so tiny... I was still excited... switched it on and shot some stuff...still pretty excited.... THEN I was all ok lets get this into the computer... after some minor confusion for awhile learning about the AVCHD format i found a decent app for meh Windows box to convert these unwieldy .mts files into Quicktime files...

I shot some green screen tests with action figures... Again I am recording AVCHD to SD card...so its compressed...then I transcode it to a lossless format and key... the quality of the mattes is pretty good... MUCH better than miniDV... but not as good as the mattes I get from shooting stopmo with my 300d... I use high quality Jpeg with my 300d so its compressed as well.... Hmmm I wonder how AVCHD on high quality mode compares to high quality P-Jpeg? One advantage stop motion has over live action when keying is that there is no motion blur so you get crisp edges on every frame.... Hmmm but I'll be shooting moving subjects...hmmm... more thinking and testing to do...

Also as thanks for having me be they Keynote speaker at NAB this year...Blackmagic Design gave me a card with so many wires I don't know what to do with... BUT it does HDMI in and out...Soooooooo I can use it to capture live uncompressed HD video from the HF100....BUT I don't want to haul my M dot Machine to the studio... Sooooooo I'm probably going to build a Hackintosh for that task... i've already got that 8800gt sitting around, along with a spare PSU and a ton of drives...Hmmmm.... Oh if you don't know what a Hackintosh is... Some cool d00ds modded a version of OS X so you can install it on regular PC hardware... I da know if I can find a cheap first gen Mac Pro I'll get that... but yeh MORE computer THINK>>....when will it END?!?!?? XD


  1. I think shooting Go-motion would be pretty cool. They were going to do in Jurassic Park but then they used computers...

    I've been wanting to try the go-motion but I never though that motion blur wasn't to appealing in Stop motion animation, did Wallace and Gromit have motion blur?

  2. Actually I was thinkin of hackintoshing my notebook, or at last a partition of the HDD, weird how I keep thinking of doing things as you are (though you end up actually DOING them, unlike myself).

    Let us know the the OS X install goes, I've been itchin to have my OS quality match the build quality of my d630


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