I didn't think I was cool enougH

So after getting the major work out of the way with my new workstation now I'm starting to nitpick ^ ^ The stock intel fans are loud and when rendering they whine up and down...and they don't do that good of a job of cooling... So since I am going to be in a prolong relationship with these CPU's I have to make sure we are both comfortable... So I ordered two of these...

Its the Thermalright HR-01 X....And I got two quiet 120mm fans to put on them... there actually isn't much choice at all when it comes to finding coolers for socket 771 CPU's... I already tried some Dynatron ones but they were LOUD.... so hope to get those by the end of the week and be at peace with my workstation.


  1. These are great heatsink/fans. Should do the trick for you. I've got one in my rig as well. Good luck!

  2. I didnt even realize that your CPUs werent standard LGA 775 socket type, was it difficult finding a motherboard?

    That looks like quite the beast of a heatsink, and more 120mm fans are never a bad thing (well, ok, maybe they COULD be...but its be hard)

  3. Wow, those are crazy. I take it they cool purely through the case fans? Please let us know how well they cut noise once you get them working.

  4. That's one mean looking grill MDS.


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