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Thanks for the D-Cinema link RandomFactor! So on the topic of production thangs that used to be hella expensive droppin down to affordable prices... First lets look at the wraptor... I didn't know about this so thanks RF...

When the movie industry switched from FILM to DIGITAL they could of used a NON-proprietary format to make it open to all filmmakers BUT they did they usual bullshit and chose some proprietary format and process that cost the same as printing to film... so in other words its still too expensive and locks everyone but the studios out..... It seems this $700 plugin will create a D-Cinema ready file...something that costs like $80,000 otherwise... $700...$80,000...WIN

SHOOT3d single camera mocap system
Since Cinema4d 11 has new NLA options I'm looking at different ways to build my motion library... of course mocap is used a lot in the film and gaming industries BUT before I found this product the cheapest solution was about $30,000 and you needed at least 4 cameras which would require a big space to work in... There is no price listed for this product yet but I bet it'll be under $1,000 BUT the best thing is that it works with ONE camera...So with this product you could have a bedroom mocap studio ^ ^

The last thing of note is the "Desktop Factory" long story short for $5,000 you can use this to make plastic toys out of your 3d models... its slow and doesn't do color BUT you can imagine where the tech will be in a few years...

I'm hoping to be able to do some mocap for my new film and be able to create and sell my own toys when the film is done in 2010 but seeing that this stuff is so new it might not be ready in time... so maybe next film....


  1. Good finds, mdot.

    There are a lot of 3D prototyping services popping up which may be cheaper than owning your own 3D printer if you only plan to make a few models (e.g. Shapeways, Anvil Prototype) -- there's even a place to specifically create World of Warcraft player models.

    I'm not sure if 3D printing is something you are personally interested in, but apparently the SF Bay TechShop has a 3D printer.

  2. Hey M Dot!

    Glad to be of help d00d! - Wraptor does do everything it should to conform to the DCI spec. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. I've been heavily involved in this stuff for the past 5 years - consulting etc.. - The only differences between this software and the other solutions out there are that wraptor only supports a max res of 2K, has 6 audio tracks (others can support up to 16 tracks) and has no subtitling abilty.

    Personally, I think that NONE of these things is a problem (at all).

    Who cares that it means you have to create different (burnt-in) subtitled versions of your film? - 2K, DCI spec digital prints with 5.1 surround - from a $700 plug-in - It's fuckin' awesome!!!!!!!!


  3. I should mention that in the U.S. it currently costs the same amount of money as doing a digital to film blow-up to create a DCP: Digital Cinema Package - the industry name for digital prints.

    We have a D-cinema network in the UK - 240 screens with digital projection, that was backed by the UK Film Council. Of course it is subject to the usual gatekeeping and bullshit! - They used public money and justified it on the premise that it would be largely used for indie films (of course this didn't really happen..)


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