WOW Hollywood has stooped really REALLY LOW now...

Remember how I was telling you about how the Weinstein Company guy wanted me to direct a Ninja film and I told him I as doing a Samurai film....

There is something in those old Samurai films from the 1960's that the Hollywood of today could NEVER replicate but they don't care about heart or soul they only care about the bottom dollar... Sooo....

It saddens me to see that they will smear another great movie.... The Weinstein company is remaking SEVEN SAMURAI to be released in 2009

Look at this quote from a press release... "The film company founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein said that it hopes to impart a "Western sensibility" to the productions in the hopes of producing movies that appeal to both Asia and the West."

Haha by "Western Sensibility" they mean we will rip out all the heart and soul and replace it with mindless sex and violence to be perpetrated by whatever plastic flavor of the month actor they can get to stand around and swing a sword.

Its only a matter of time before the system remakes all of my favorite Samurai films... since they have no original ideas or thoughts...


  1. That really sucks. Nothing new though. They already re-made it once when they did 'The Magnificent Seven'. Although this will be infinately worse!

  2. It's actually not a remake (THANK GOD) but a "re-imagining" like The Magnificent Seven was to The Seven Samurai. I just wished they'd change the name though.

  3. Western sensibility, haha, that is great. But honestly, remakes are almost always terrible, but they are so often now, and they are always with terrible directors and actors too....Seven Samurai is definitely a movie that should not be remade. I really don't know what else to say except that I kinda pissed about it. Remakes have LESS of everything than most movies in Hollywood because they are completely unoriginal.....they are REMAKES. They have no meaning behind them, they are just trying to cash in on something that was once popular.

    Excellent post, I didn't know about this. I will make sure NOT to see this remake.

  4. M dot. I love your work.

    So how should I put this. I really don't know but I want to know you how I feel for your latest posts on this blog.

    As I see it, every audience gets the films they deserve. As I see it, "bad" films are not caused by the Hollywood system. As I see it, there is plenty of true art inside the Hollywood system.

    Let me explain this. Yes, a Hollywood production company goes for the dollar. Without that, they couldn't exist. Of course, they make plenty of it so they can drive their big cars. However, there have been and are directors that bring their vision to screen inside the system. There is a great saying that goes "the one how generalizes is an idiot". I love it, because it makes ironically a point (oh and at that point... I'am sorry for the bad English I'm german).

    So I feel kind of bad when you go on mentioning stuff like remakes and ninja movies with "asian apeal". You gives a fuck? Who does? Yes! The fucking audience! Everytime I go to a theater I want to punch my neighbour in the face because 90% of the people disrespect almost every fucking movie they see. Films are the most widespread artform out there. And 90% of the audience doesn't even know. It's THEIR fault that we have to watch shit on screen that goes for the dollar only.

    If you go on rattling about some films no one should give a fuck about.... yes, some 15 year old will listen. But come on, you know better.

    I'm really sorry for posting all this. I really am. Just give a fuck about those remakes and movies. You could have taken that money for that Samurai film and made it. Whatever it would have turned out to be.... with the money, you could have made probably 3 independent movies. Some directors do that kind of stuff all the time.

    Bottom line: Please show some respect.

    a big fan of yours (from Germany)

  5. man...this just isnt cool. Seven Samurai was a great film. It had this sort of magic to it that modern cinema just doesnt have. Whether thats better or worse I'll leave up to the viewer, but neeedless to say there was a very different tone from movies we see today...

    I interpeted "Western Sensability" the same way you did, even before you explanined it. My girlfriend was reading your post too and she was like "Western Sensability?" to which I replied: "Blood, violence, and over the top sex"

    Whats sad is I'll probably still go see it. Might end up being best comedy of '09...

  6. I'm 52 and I give a fuck about Seven Samurai and many other ninja related films. It's not about age.

    I worked in Hollywood for 10 years playing leads and walk on parts in movies and television and I think Mdot is right on the money with his comments. Greed, selfishness, mediocrity are rampant. The great majority of films made in Hollywood are awful remakes or insipid, boring stories that we've already seen a million times. Very, very few films made in Hollywood qualify as art or anything close to it. And those directors (like David Lynch) who make art films are marginalized and have to scramble to find funding for their films. Check out the credits in Inland Empire and you'll see that the majority of money comes from Europe.

    Mdot could say a lot more about how awful and stupid the Hollywood machine is, but he's more interested in making his own films outside of the system so he doesn't have to compromise or turn into a hypocrite. films.

    His recent rants are welcome to these ears.

  7. I don't know, Mdot... While remakes generally suck, I wouldn't be too quick to judge a movie on so little information.

    There was a recent anime series remake of the Seven Samurai ("Samurai Seven"), where they moved the setting to a post-apocalyptic future... While it wasn't the best series I've seen, it wasn't the worst, either.

    And Kurosawa himself wasn't above copying... In a reported conversation with Roger Corman, Kurosawa was asked why he wasn't suing the creators of "Fistful of Dollars", a direct copy of Kurosawa's "Yojimbo". Kurosawa replied he didn't mind because "Yojimbo" was itself a copy of Dashiell Hammett's novel, "Red Harvest".

  8. Ricky Grove.....I know this is totally random but were you in Army of Darkness?

  9. While I is your pal M dot... I DO jump to conclusions! Its my job to be bold and stubborn! ^ ^ And of course since I want the Hollywood system to die a horrible death for the cultural poison it spews into the world I will denounce everything that comes from it.... Why....because that is my role... I'm just one guy anyway... who cares...I'm entitled to my opinion... If you want me to change my attitude or stance... I'm not...and I'm not sorry about that... There's plenty of other places on the interneTS that will continually praise mediocrity as greatness... I for one will never do that...

    I am also a film fan... I want to see NEW things that stimulate my imagination... i don't want to see remakes or re-imaginings or whatever... I want to eat RAW cinematic food...not predigested, pasteurized vomiT regurgitated by a room full of bloated executives...

    We are what we eat... physically and in every other way...I don't know about you but I never eat fast food... So why would I want greasy fast food cinema thats just empty calories?

  10. ^ That is the greatest way of expressing it ever...

    But seriously I am fucking sick of remakes in Hollywood...did any one see the remake of Battle Royale...? >.>

    Some one was trying to convince me that it was awesome...

    Reimagining or not...would it really hurt Hollywood to think?

    Oh, and lets face it, the internet is probably one of the only places we can properly express our honest opinions...without being told what to think...

    M dot is entitled to his opinion but that doesn't mean we have to agree with him...

    although I do...


  11. ND

    gtfo the internets... your not being any help to our society...

    and i for one am SICK of fucking remakes.. the list goes on i mean

    speed racer
    death race

    you know what.. i was going ot write out all of the remakes i could think of. so show how gay this is (in a 1950s way) but nobody wants two thirds of this page to be a list of retard movies..
    imean.. even when they make NEW movies that are supposed to emulate the feeling of that ONE movie that got popular. and all they do now is make comic book flicks and frank miller flics (that seriously should be its own genre "frank miller flics") its annoying.

  12. ALTHOUGH........

    i DO think that spike jonzes where the wild things are (directors cut) will be cool. it is already done, but warner bros doesnt want to release it cause its too scary and little kids ran out crying of the screening in pasadena. rumor has it that warner bros has already hired a new director to make a family version. hmm


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