Thanks to yoU

Thanks to you all for the comments on my last post... Its like sometimes I forgot who I am and what I am supposed to do but you reminded me...

I'm in Rome now and stopped stressing about modeling everyday... When I get back to the states I'll get all the modeling done while doing whatever my crazy mind wants to do...

You know what was holding me back? It was the thought that HSM is a "samurai" film taking place in "feudal Japan"... there are too many rules and its too rigid if I were to do that and after wrestling with it for awhile I've come to the conclusion that its not worth it... Your not going to watch the film hoping its like historically accurate... you want to see some crazY shit!! Right?!

So now I'm just going to let my imagination reign and do whatever it wants... cause thats who i IS and whaT i'S about... So now the film will take place in some world I made up...

And yeh when I get back I'll build the render farm then just focus on the creative stuff...


  1. We love you and your wild ass crazy art. Be what you are.

  2. Cray-Z stuff will always WIN over historical accuracy to me!

    It was cool to meet up in London, Mike. Thanks for being so genuine and have a great time in Italy!


  3. Yes M Dot! Crazy stuff from your own freaky world, more, more, more!!!! So many great animations might make the real world seem quite boring (or absolutely horrendous at times...) but then again, wasn't it in that dimension that you found M's head? Hmmm, Rome.... Spaghetti samurai films! Ninjas with funky socks saying mamma mia! OMG, what have we done?!

  4. Hellz yea! Thats what I was hoping you'd say. Just create what comes naturally. Forcing anything will just give you headaches.

    Can't wait for the super awesome low poly madness that will be HSM!

  5. "So now the film will take place in some world I made up..."made me laugh. This new world sounds better though because now more magical thinks can happeno.

  6. MOAR MDot! The fact that you've taken away any restrictions for HSM makes me all the more excited. Truly what inspires me the most about all of your work that I've seen is the lack of limits. When I first watched We Are The Strange I couldn't keep still, it felt like a culmination of all the bizarre and unchained insanity imagery I'd ever enjoyed or wanted. And it just didn't stop! I couldn't believe how it could continue to grow in epicness. Your ability to bring originality from such a wide variety of influences is wonderful. infinitely more satisfying than any box office mainstream movie mess could be for me.

    I love your work and your mission. I cannot wait to see some crAzy Shit in HSM!

  7. i think that having a sense of "feudal Japan" will give way to your set design and narrative principles. you're smart. you'll work it out. and then, the best thing about your work is its many intertextual references and how they layer and complexify your aesthetic in ways that register powerfully w/in your audience's affective architecture.

  8. i also think you're right to be concerned. some audiences get all hung up and can't move beyond a historical inaccuracy no matter how clearly "hybrid" the scene wants to be. it's the difficult negotiation between audience awareness and filmmaker's aesthetic vision. i do think it's important to be willing to negotiate, but i often default to what i want and imagine that i'm about. so :)


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