Based on a recommendation from someone at the cgsociety "technical and hardware" forum I ordered an Asus board... Installed everything... all 8 gigs of ram recognized... seemed like everything was alright EXCEPT the onboard gigabit LAN has no XP 64 driver so its using some old lame default one and running at 100mbps....sigh... yeh and I ran em all at 1000mbps last time... need the bandwith for the render farm etc... soooo... I'll be ordering 4 trendnet gigabit cards when I order 3 more of these Asus boards... I checked and the Trendnet cards have xp 64 drivers...

Ah FahGET all this tech shit for today...I'm gonna update the animatic and modeL....


  1. Yeeesh, what a pain. Love Asus, but this is ridikulus, no xp 64 bit driver? duh..

    Eventually all of the tech will just bounce off of you once you get cooking. Glad to see you are still keeping your sense of humor and drive. So much to admire in that attitude. Thanks.


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