C4dcafe tutorial guide

If you didn't know... I learned Cinema 4d by following the tutorials at c4dcafe.com

I owe my C4d skills to 3dkiwi! ^ ^ Thats the guy who makes the tuts... A lot of people ask me how to learn cinema4d and I say "go to c4dcafe and watch the tutorials" then I get asked "which ones?" I realize I've been on that site since it started so there weren't many tuts back then... and now there's like... a hundred...

So this is the order I remember watching the tutorials... so if your an absolute beginner you might want to try them in this order...

Before you go anywhere in 3d you need to learn how to navigate in 3d space... these 2 are good for that...

Navigating Cinema 4d

Using Cameras

Now you'll probably want to model a little something...

Model a chess pawn

OMG my chess model is so WIN how do I texture it?

Applying textures

If only I knew how to light this chess pawn

Basic lighting

This chess pawn needs to live how do I animate it?!

Intro to animating

BEST animation evAR lets render it!

Rendering animations
So if you did all those you would be doing ok... then try these...

Character modeling

Hypernurbs object

Wind deformer

Explore all the tool tuts as well... and like all the other ones...Have fuN!


  1. This so good of you to lay all this info out for everyone light this. Thank you, MdoT!


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