Pwned by lyFE

Some things I learned by being pwned by life this month...

NEVER buy computer parts then leave the country for a month without testing them... My incompatible main boards were purchased more then 30 days ago so I can't return them... So I eat $400 for this mornings breakfast... and need to spend $500 more to buy the right mainboards...

Always check your bank account balance online instead of running a tally in your head especially if foreign currencies are involved... I know its probably common sense but I' an animator that is pretty useless when it comes to real world stuff... Oh and foreign ATM machines cannot display a minus sign when showing your balance... cough... so like don't keep withdrawing money...cough... ahem...

So yes... I was pwned by life in November 08... I could let it get me down but I'm too stupid too ^ ^

So I'm going to the bank now to take money from my film account to cover my personal money hole...


  1. Oh, man, thank god for a sense of humor to help cover the screaming heart within. That damn money hole is getting me down, too. Why don't they have a stimulus package for M dot Strange?

    Keep laughing. That's all we can do cause everything else is absurd. My thoughts are with you, dude.

  2. PS Sell that shit on Ebay or see if there is another filmmaker in financial straits who needs a mobo and ram. I just sent the makings of a PC to a filmmaker friend in Poland who is now able to make films again since his old machine died.

  3. D00d - The Money Hole video rocks - Sorry you got beat back by November - hopr December treats you better! I know the heartache of bad MB's - I have 2 in my garage gathering dust.


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