Badr Hari is the besT.

This will seem like a strange post but since I'm making a film about fighting I've taken an interest in MMA and K1 fights... I just finished watching the K1 final from Japan... it had my favorite kickboxer in it... this d00d from Morocco named Badr Hari... He's known as the "Devil Prince" in Japan... cause he's all like WHUT?! and has mad skill... In the final he was disqualified for "poor sportsmanship" because he stomped his opponent when the opponent was on the ground..... It always strikes me as odd when people are outraged by such behavior that is "not in the rules" but as a fighter your out there to harm your opponent...why would you know want to stomp his face? I mean your out to knock him out the whole time and thats ok... Its a fight... thats what people came to see right? 2 men fight?

So how am I going to tie this into film? Well lets say that to fighter there are two parts... the savage part... the one that wants to destroy your opponent by any means necessary and the professional part...the one that obeys the rules so he can win "fair and square" The ref's or judges expect you to turn your savage side off and on as the rules dictate but that's not always so easy...

Now personally I feel like I have two parts of myself... the savage artist who just creates wildly and cares not about taste, other peoples interests or the rules and the other filmmaker part... the one that cares about the audience, and plot and following cinematic rules and the like...

Do you ever feel that way? Like when trying to make films or whatever there are two parts in you that are moving in opposite directions? Ok be a creative savage and create this cool situation OK NOW follow the rules and do 5 minutes of exposition so people will be able to follow...

In the end I go with the savage side because in my case that's what people come to see...

So back to Hari... in the end he didn't follow the "rules" so he didn't "win" but he fought the most exciting fights with the most heart, and fought the hardest... if the other guy would have gotten up instead of staying down pretending to be hurt while the judges disqualified Hari... Hari would have destroyed him... Hari is a fighter...thats what he does... To me... he is the real winner.

Many many filmmakers will come and go and follow the rules and win awards and the press will regard them as the "best" but most all be forgotten in time...

Did you know that Stanley Kubrick said that Eraserhead was his favorite film? I love Stanley Kubrick... I love David Lynch... Did they follow the rules? Did they "win"? Maybe not BUT we are still talking about them and loving their work to this day and we will continue too...whY?

Its the rebels... the savages... who will always be remembered because they dared to throw the rules aside and express themselves by any means necessary...

So that's why I never want to "win" by the rules and that's why I think Badr Hari is the best.

When it comes down to it... I'll do ANYTHING to get what I want up on the screen... you came to see a film right?

One last thought... some fighters fight to win...taking chances and being bold... sometimes reckless...making mistakes...

Some fighters fight not to lose... taking the safe route...

Again, apply it to film... which would you rather watch?


  1. Yeah I certainly feel that way. For me I think of it as having a business wanna-make-a-lotta-money side and a freely expressive artistic side. Often times my business side tells my artistic one "we can do both" but then it ends up having to have LIMITzzz which aren't really good in most cases. So I try to silence it for purely creative parts and excersize it when it comes to something a dvd (someday I will be doing that with my own movies!!!)

    As for Hari, I really haven't seen him so I can't judge, but for something like fighting I don't think its good to break all "rules". I mean I think its good to be honorable and stuff. But do you think any rules like this would exist for filmmaking? I sure can't think of any. Also, you should try to see a martial arts weapon demonstration sometime, like the ones people do on stage. Those are awesome and would be inspiring methinks.

  2. Its all about the balance between the two...Kubrick almost certainly played "the game", by doing both sides... I guess people were better able to appreciate his artistic talents...

    Like building a can be as arty as you want but unless the familiar framework is there (i.e a roof...some walls) no one would buy it...

    But I wouldn't over think it...the clashes between the two sides is often what makes you work harder or become more committed...besides WATS proves you're doing something right... ;)

  3. Well I hope your not saying this just because you can't win by the rules.I meen braking up the standards is great but rules can be as good as they are bad.

    I meen in that fight.I can't agree that Badr Hari won.He resorted to breaking the rulez to win.Seems kinda cowardly to me.If he's so big then he should be able to win without having to do that.Theres no honor there.

    Also I'm a little conserned that your might let the "Rebel and win" mindstate get to your head.I meen with WATS you didn't seem to be trying to beat anybody.It just seemed like your were trying to make a film with heart.that's what I loved about it.It was expressive and had amazing characters and told a great story.

    but what do I know.I'm just a fan.

  4. I'm also a big fan of MMA and gotta say I disagree with you on this. "Dirty" Hari's head stomp was out of line. One of my favorite aspects of the sport is that after beating each other bloody they can show respect for each other after the fight.

    I suppose it kind of goes back to the Samurai code. The Samurai's Honor was more important then "winning" or even their own life. I don't agree to the extremes they went to but if Badr Hari were a Samuri he'd be expected to commit seppuku right about now.

    Ahh fuckit...Ninja's > Samurai anyway.

    Oh and here's a vid of Hari comparing his headstomp to riding his bike on the sidewalk..they both illegal:

  5. I just saw that video ^ ^ And I must say that I like him because I can relate... I get too emotional and do foolish things sometimes but in the end it makes things more exciting ^ ^ Did you notice Hari's commitment was too the audience? He wanted to put on a good show... I think his priorities are in order. Disrespect opponent? maybe... Disrespect audience? NEVER.

    The thing about the samurai "code" which was never formalized until a samurai who had never seen battle wrote "Hagakure" is that it was developed by someone who never fought... people can talk about honor and rules and the like without fighting...thats easy...

    Its just my taste.. I tend to side with the outlaws and those who lack respect for the rules or the establishment... interesting enough my other fav k1 fighter is Melvin Manhoef who is not exactly respectful ^ ^ but he sure is exciting and gives it his all.


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