Damn I need Dis RAM

So I got those 2x4gb RAM modules for my new only 2 dimm slot board but they workin...and I need all 8 gigs... As I export a Displacement Map from Zbrush, compress a huge HD video in Quicktime while continuing to model and do test renders in C4d at the same time... its using 5.50 gigs right now DAMN! So I'm glad to have it back... I've been making some pretty interesting models for the film 0_o Welcome to your new nightmares ^ ^ I'm glad I can be of service!

M dot Strange fashion designer has been working overtime designing all the clothes and what not for all these characters... there's close to 100 BUT I'll be using characters sets and templates like they do in games...Ya know using the same geometry for several similar models...like Soldier 1-8 have the same geometry for they bodies but different textures and faces... when you start mixing SPD maps and color maps you can get a lot of variety...

So I'm right on schedule in case you were wondering...

On another note... If any of you remember the interweB talk show I used to do all the time...yeh I'm doing a christmas special... you can listen live and call in... So I'm looking forward to hearing from all the old regulars and if any of YOU ever had some BURNING SHINING question you wanted to ask me in almost person here's yeR chance... So yeh its on Dec 25th at 8pm -10pm PST

Ok I gotta texture this FACE...BYE


  1. Good to hear things are going smoothly. YOu know I'll be therr on Xmas xD


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