From the past...

I was looking through some old hard drives and came across this text file from 2003...

8-25-03 349am

It all starts with an idea..a single spark that will hopefully smolder and catch aflame... and roll and roar through all doubt until it is as you have envisioned it in that fleeting moment. Long hours and sore necks along the way I know.... hot sweaty frustrations and spinning, shaking headaches when youre starving at is all good. Pressure... time causes pressure... I have felt a great sense of urgency to create something of the worth the past few years... I thought perhaps my musical album would have staved it off for a bit but it swallowed it whole with no hesitation. So now I am on a new mission, a mission to create this animated film from an idea. In my mind this is the one, it always seems to be the one but I am assured that this will be more powerful than anything I have ever created. The script has been finished for about a month now. I was trying to assemble a small team of painters and illustrators to help with the backgrounds and textures and they seem to be coming around slowly. But I know I cannot rely on them for anything, my artistic work ethic is different from everyone else I know... I expect more but they dont give it to me so I will do it myself. Once you have made up your mind about a project that is it, it must get done no matter what, by any means necessary. If you dont have the skills needed, find someone who does or learn them yourself, its as easy as that. I am half-way through the rough storyboards now... about 200 shots for the first 7 pages of the script, not too bad. It is coming around now. I love challenges and I love adventurous journeys, this production is both. I will have to greatly increase my 3d skills to complete this film, which I will. Right now I have about 5 people that have expressed interest in the project, in helping work on it. We will see very soon who is real. I'm still a few weeks from stop-motion production and I dont have a camera, well I've never owned a video camera actually I just borrow them, a guy I do video work for sometimes owes me 1100.00 so I'm thinking that I will ask to borrow his VX2000 to shoot the stop motion stuff. A three chip camera will make a big difference when it comes to shooting all the green screen stuff, which there will be a ton of. I also have a wide-angle adapter for that size lens..Hmmm... Right now everything is on paper, sets needs to be modeled(3d) or built (stop motion) and the models need to be built for both stop-mo and 3d.
Its funny because I wasn't talking about WATS... I had planned to make an animated feature film based on Blue... but when my "team" that I thought would work with me fell through... thats when I decided to make WATS... actually Sean Boyles was the only person from that "team" that stayed with me... thanks SeaN.


  1. i like how you said "Musical Album" i lol'd

    although its always cool to see how you viewed things differently in another time in your life...


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