I can haZ never meet defeaT!!!

November is over... even though I missed 6 weeks of work traveling... Your pal M dot still finished his scheduled work... I met my quota ^ ^ The first phase of construction is finished... it was mostly props but I did model 8 characters.... rigged 2 of em cause I just had to see the creepy things move ^ ^ Rigging etc is in phase 3 btw... This stuff is not really what I had planned BUT it is unique and... well... insane XD Just thought I'd like yaLL know I'm right on track...thanks for your support!

NotE: Since no other artists are working with me on HSM it is more me...which means more disturbing and raw... I use Cinema 4d's Bodypaint to texture the models but in my hands its more like finger paint ^ ^


  1. D00d- You can haz no defeaTz is an inspritaion t0 us whoo haz notHing buT defeatZ!! LOL

  2. Congratulations on getting back on track. Man, you are a work demon. Your new characters sound intriguing. Good luck on the next phaze.

  3. Congrats d00d!!!

    Can't wait to see the D-Mented results!



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