MadhouSe ftw

I started watching the new "Casshern Sins" series produced by Madhouse and I must say the d00ds at Madhouse just keep getting better and better... the imagery in Casshern is some of the best I have seen... the use of glows, selective focus, diffuse lighting and desaturated color palettes really makes it stand out to me... not too mention the awesome framing and blocking... Just have to say that I luRVE teh images.

Color is something I've been thinking about a lot lately as I have a tendency to crank the RGB values ^ ^ BUT the first episode of Casshern Sins is a good thing to learn from... all the colors are desaturated except for the occasional glowing eyes or other things for effect like blood of red robot innards... because if the colors "pop" all the time then you can't use color as an effect because it will have no impact... no contrast...

So I believe that you should only have a character talk when they have something to say... don't just have them chatter because you can... I'm going to apply the same rule to color... only use bright color when its necessary for effect (goes back and desaturates the texture on everything he's made so far for HSM ^ ^ )


  1. I think I'm going in the opposite direction with my palettes right now - lots of saturated color - very Miyazaki-esque. But I like the way Madhouse handled these and I agree with the philosophy. It's really down to what fits your story best. Recent release Despereaux was done in the palettes used by the Flemish painters of the 1600's and that look works for the story. Happy Hollendaze dude.

  2. This show is really blowing my mind. I just watched episode four and it's amazing that they can make everything fit together so perfectly. What else has Madhouse worked on?

  3. just started watching that too, ironically enough. a similarly atmospheric anime i'm sure you've seen is Ergo Proxy. they both use an apocalyptic pallet to great extent without bludgeoning to heavily on the eye.

    Madhouse never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Hey! Did you see the live action version of this? It wasn't half bad.

  5. kthx mdot, I've been looking for an anime to watch for a while. I'm totally down with the whole desaturated palettes 9001%


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