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Random note... If your going to Macworld... I'll be speaking at the Final Cut Pro user group meeting thanG.

I was re-reading this book and it struck me as odd that in the workflow section they advised modeling before making an animatic... I would advise not modeling anything until you have gone through a few animatic revisions... the story could change, characters could change or get removed so then you would be spending time modeling for nothing which can hurt morale... its a good book though with lots of details about making 3d films thats really not written about anywhere else... except maybe here ^ ^

In this production I removed a main character and about 7 minor ones with an animatic revision... I'm glad I didn't model them yet cause then my wrist would hurt even more...

That being said... I'm getting tired of modeling characters...I've done about 30 so far... but thats how things go... and the great thing about doing everything yourself is that there is always something else to work on.. So now that I'm bored of modeling characters I can do work on the environments or create some sound design elements...


  1. Merry Christmas Mdot!

    That book looks c00l, I should get it. The reason for your method is probably the difference between short films and full length eh? As full length is more complex and needs to be thought out more. Nobody could really write a book about animating full length movies by yourself, because your the first of that kind as far as I know ^^ .

    I'll probably be the second ^^ , I'm working towards that anyway. Then there were will be a third and fourth...then we rule the world!



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