Dropbox for online collaboration

I just started using the FREE dropbox service and its awesome! This is going to help online collaboration a lot... I've used chat apps to send files etc and those were never that convenient because both people had to be online at once... Dropbox creates a virtual "dropbox" anywhere you want on your PC or Mac which you can sync with other computers of your own OR other peoples computer anywhere in teh world... It notifes you when files have been updated AND you can access the files as if they were on your local hard drive.


  1. I want in. werent yuo trying to organise some mega collab' a while ago?

  2. Sounds good.

    Should make a lot of things easier...

    Always rely on you to let us know about cool stuff.

  3. this would make stuff liek mediatroid a lot easier. I'm defy gonna check it out even for personal use. No more carrying stuff around on flash drives!

  4. *LAUGH!*
    DUDE!!! I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT A DROP BOX!!! It's funny you post this. XD I was looking for one a week ago.
    THANK YOU!!!! XD

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Maybe I'll try it in the future.


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