Life goes on

I found out recently that a childhood friend of mine died when I was in Europe a few months ago... i hadn't talked to him in like 20 years probably... we were best friends in elementary school... So I found his myspace page and looked at his pics from when he was teh live...... it reminded me of how I grew up... All my friends were cholo's and thugs pretty much... I was the one weird white kid in the neighborhood... they never tried to make me join gangs or anything they respected me as the weirdo I was cause I think i scared them haha... there's something to be said for living in the real world, with real people... Cause now I could be acting like some uppity artist fuck... I would never do that but if I did how could I look at my old friends in the eye? Yeh even though I hadn't seen my friend in 20 years I bet if I did I'd be in his backyard drinkin beer wiF him and freestyling or some shit haha...

As an artist I believe you have a responsibility to express the thoughts of feelings of your own as well as being a voice for your friends and other people you come across who may not have the outlet or opportunity for whatever reason... So you have to stay in touch with real people who will help you stay in touch with yourself...

As long as you walk the streets your bound to stay down the earth... So if you walk the streets you've already got a jump on all the people who have never really lived and are trying to learn about the human experience... there's no better experience than living it... your art will be richer than the d00d sitting in Starbucks saying to himself "Is this what real people do?"

My friend who died had a rough life... way rougher than I ever did...but when we were kids we both got picked on and kinda became friends because of that... I won't forget you T.J.... R.I.P. Homie.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your childhood friend dying. Your thoughts about your work being also for your friends is true. And I know what you mean about a real lived life being the source for your art. The way you put it in this post is inspiring. Had to laugh at the image of the guy in Starbucks (in LA I see it all the time).

    So glad you are alive, my friend, and walkin the streets soakin up life.

  2. Very sorry to hear you lost a childhood friend. Death is the great awakener for those of us left behind in its wake. It reminds us to live each day to the fullest and give our best. Thanks for keeping it real and inspiring the rest of us to do so too.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. At least you're focusing on life and what you had together...

    Death can be a good catalyst, y'know galvanising the people left behind.

    Still, any death sucks.

  4. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend Mike.

    I never understood those people who seperate art from life as though it is something that divorces us from reality. To me, art allows us to live more fully and to say things that ordinarily can't be said.

    I know you believe this too d00d!


  5. Oh wow, that's really sad. :( M Dot, I'm sorry to hear that your friend died, that must really suck.. I hope you can feel better about it soon.
    -has nothing deep or poetic to say like everyone else and feels bad about it-


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