Coraline is Nice

I just came back from watching the new Henry Selick film "Coraline"...Selick is NOT best known for directing The Nightmare before Christmas... most people believe Tim Burton to be the director of that film but like... he wasn't... Selick is wildly imaginative... Look for his "Slow Bob" shorts from the 80's....really awesome stuff... but yeh I liked the look and feel of Coraline 9000x better the Corpse Bride... as a film I hated Corpse Bride but you can't deny the craftmanship and technique...its just the direction and writing that sux0rD ummmmm the story is going nowhere so now lets sing and dance! uhhhh yeah....

But yeh I loved the look and feel of Coraline because it was stop motion and acted like it... It reveled in the fact that it was hand made.... Yes Corpse bride was stopmtion but they did the facial animation in such a way that it looked exactly like cg stuff...I didn't like that...its like you might as well do Cg if your going for that "perfect" smoothness...

So it was nice to see the job that Henry Selick and co did on had heart ^ ^ and no meaningless musical routines.


  1. no musical parts?Awesome!
    I was afraid that Coraline would have some.

    I thought that corpse bride would be awesome but the musical parts just RUINED it for me.

    Nightmare before christmas was better..but..ya...I'm not much for musical's

    I just might have to see Coraline now.

  2. I've been looking froward to Coraline for about a year, takes me back to thinking of James and the Giant Peach.

  3. I hope to see this next weekend. Coraline made the cover of "Post" magazine this month. "Stop Motion takes on 3D." Selick has mad skillz.

  4. Totally agree w/ Drainage, the music in Corpse Bride was a dealbreaker for me.

    I was gonna see Coraline at some point, but now that it has the dot Strange Seal of Approval, it just shot up to the top of my "Go See" list xD


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