"Kakure-Oni" All kinds of awesome!

So I was sitting at the opening dinner at the Berlin talent campus and was introduced to a Japanese filmmaker named Yuki Saito... we talked a bit about samurai films and the like and he was nice enough to give me a copy of his short film "Kakure-Oni"... I got back to California and watched it and wow it is like pure win! He fuses the best things from the old samurai films with the best things from new skool anime styles and mixes in guys in monster suits BUT in the way its lit and shot its not cheesy at all...its awesome!

Watch a sample on this page

So Mega props to Saito-san and I hope to see a feature film by him in this style soon!

The weirdest thing is that when I was in Japan last year I went to the Toei Samurai theme park...when I was there I loved the Samurai stunt show... and it just so happens that "Kaukure-Oni" was shot in the Toei theme park AND stars the cast of the Samurai stunt show!

Also he told me about a filmmakers lab this fall in Kyoto where some people will get to go there and shoot a Samurai film on the set!

He told me he'll be submitting the film to fests but lets hope he decides to put it on youtube as well ^ ^


  1. Yah, this is great stuff. I can see why you are so excited about Saito's work. Here's hoping he can put together a full length film soon. Reminds me a little bit of the Zeram series.


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