M dot machine SUX

So after loosing 2 of my 4 dimm slots a few months ago and popping in 2x 4gb modules to get my 8 gigs back....

I was working just now and my keyboard shortcuts were going haywire... like the number pad stopped working than keys were doing the wrong functions so I rebooted...

And when I did the bios said 6gb of ram available... and so does the system...Sigh... So it seems like this mainboard just really wants to die.... I haven't installed anything or made any hardware changes recently...

In the bios it says 644k of system memory?! And 6144 of extended memory...wtf is that about...

Well yeh it suX...So I'll have to RMA the board and not have a workstation for a bit... I've been mirroring my work directory on one of my render nodes so I shouldn't lose much time/work.

I just remembered before it went haywire...the mouse was getting stuck or jumping around and doing weird things for about an hour... then the number pad stopped working... then keys stopped working correctly.... so reboot and missing ram...

Just wondering if it has to do with it having no paging file... i disable the paging file a long time ago... Hmmm cause when it started going haywire I had like 7 memory intensive apps going....


  1. Sorry to hear about your problems with that damn motherboard. Re: Paging File. If I remember right you are running Vista 64 bits, right? Paging file isn't absolutely necessary, but it's absence might make it harder for windows to parse your Ram appropriately. I'd try it with Paging file next time and see if it makes a difference. If not, just kill it like you did before.

    Good luck, MDot. So enjoy your blogs and progress reports. Thanks!

  2. Hello MDot,

    Do enable the system managed page file. Disabling it or setting it at a fixed value is bad on multiple core systems using RAM intensive apps....(There is no such thing as enough RAM with the 3D).

    Here's my biased summary of a very extended supergeeky thread (Lots of RAM - no pagefile?) at http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/12009443/m/748009443931/p/3 (biased: my own opinion after reading about three loooong pages of the stuff...)

    "The *only* thing that's *ever* worth doing (...) is moving it (the pagefile) to the most used partition of your least used drive. ALWAYS leave the size as "System Managed". Doing anything else artificially constrains the VM system.

    Better yet, set all your drives to have a system managed page file and Windows will use the page file on the least used disk all by itself."

    And a less hard-tech version on improving system performance:

    http://www.download.com/8301-2007_4-9933933-12.html )

    Loving the Nintekno and other tracks... :-) T.

  3. Aight thanks yall.. After resettting the CMOS its seeing all 8gb again and I turned the paging file on and got an APC UPS just in case its a power fluctuation issue.


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