The need fer speeD

So I knew at the end of March I have to go to Ireland to do animation workshops for kids 9-12 and 12-18 BUT now the trip will last 3 weeks as I stumble back into Europe for a bit... Sooooo it forced me to reassess my schedule cause like I WILL NOT let any of this push the HSM production back at all... So the past 3 days I have done 17 character models ^ ^

I can't say enough about how much I LOVE ZBRUSH and Cinema 4d w/Bodypaint....with the two packages you can quickly and EASILY create anything you can imagine AND with the help of Cactus Dan's plugins for Cinema 4d you can quickly and easily get those things ready to animate... Oh i should say I am just modelling and texturing right now.. I'll bone/skin/rig everything in May..

So the only hiccup in the c4d/zbrush workflow has been the render times for the spd maps BUT I was planning on using bumps for all but the closeups... thats just using the spd map in the bump channel BUT I started messing with turning the spd maps into normal maps using CRAZYBUMP and the results are pretty amazing... the normal maps look 100x better than the bump alone and render just as fast... the normal maps are not detailed enough for close ups but they are good enough for most everything else...

Also I'll just say I've been experimenting with some new mixed media techniques that are pretty interesting... I'm not doing str8nime anymore... its something else... i don't know what to call it yet but I'm sure I will when the film is done ^ ^

Here's my routine right now...

Wake uP
Freestyle for 10 minutes
Brainstorm at Cafe for 1 hour
Model things for 10 hours
Freestyle for 10 minutes
Sleep and RepeaT


  1. the more i use blender for rigging, the more i wish i had cactus dan and c4d...xD

  2. Holy crap I just checked the CrazyBump link, Im sitting in Starbucks right now and being in public didnt stop me from geeking out. Thats friggen AWESOME! Great find M dot!


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