Rule #1

Rule #1: Do whatever you want there are no rules...

Ya know in art as it is in life most people feel the need to explain... the need to explain everything to the nth fuckinG detaiL over 9000 its no more fun because you analyzed, quantized and quantified it to DEF...anyway...

As I'm creating characters for HSM I just do whatever I want... its like yeh this d00d is gonna be made out of metal and wood and have glowing fucking magma eyes just cause thats what I want to do right now... I might want to do something different next week and I will... I'm never afraid to follow my creative instincts...those are the thangs that make you unique...

I have to laugh when people tell me "you need to learn how to take critiques" because they are pretty much saying you need to learn how to bend over and be someone's beehaTCH... why the fuck should you listen to anyone else? Its your art! if they have opinions let them go and do that to theY art...oh they don't have any? then they need to just sit there and take what you give them like a good little CORE haha

And who always insists on giving you critiques? Teachers (failed at they creative lyfe now want to oppress and limit you) "Professionals"? (Are afraid you will surpass them and take they job) Your peers?(obvious reasons)

I has to say it time and time again in diS world... A persons advice can only go as far as they've gotten... So when someone is "critiquing" your work and trying to tell you how to make your art or live your life look them square in the eye and say "You followed this advice and look where it has gotten you" IF they are where you want to be I say heed the advice but if they are not there words are just...words.

People tried to put me in a creative box all throughout my creative career... I walked away from them all and now after all these years they are in the same place where I left them... they followed the "rules" and they were rewarded with being able to bend over... time and time again ^ ^

So do whatever the fawK you want to do I say..and do it today... life is too short to do anything else.

And I'll be in Berlin next week speaking at the Talent Campus if anyone wants to meet up, punch into the air and say "I am aggressiVE"