Technology in meh way!

Didn't I write some post a while back about how much I loved computers? Haha

So yeh I thought I had it fixed but 8 gigs shows as 6gb and there's all kinds of weird stuff going on with the board so I'm going to RMA it tomorrow because now 3 of the 4 dimm slots dont work...well two dont work at all and one only reports half the dimm... AND this board his ruined 3 dimm modules in the process... So away it goes before I have no working dimm slots.

Now looking back since I had to buy 2x 4gb modules + other small things trying to work around the board and considering the time I've spent trying to fix it... If I had to do it over I would have just bought a premade workstation from somewhere....sigh... I tried to do it as cheap as possible but I failed.

Most of my work is mirrored on render node #1 which has an 8800gt in it so I'll work on that until I get the board back and reassemble... So I won't lose much time...I just lose some FACE with my inner geek.


  1. Ach, sorry to see you in such a state. It's always a 50-50 situation when you build your own. Tynan usually makes great mobos, can't understand how this one crapped out on you. You are right; maybe you should just buy a custom pre-built next time. Lot's of good indie build companies out there.

    Good luck, man. Don't kick yourself too much.

  2. haha don't let a bad MoBo kill ur geekness, theres nothing you can do about a hardware failure like that.

    I think you should always build yourself, even at the cost of stuff like this. My new i7 rig was prebuilt buy iBuyPower, and it just doesnt give me that warm feeling that buying / tinkering gives.

  3. I'm on the opposite end of pascal - after nightmare build stories - (one actually caught on fire) - I buy Dells. I'm saving-up for a dual quad core Xeon workstation right now. Yes I know it's the easy way out, but I just don't have the time or patience for what you are going through! My geek heart goes out to you my friend - hang in there! We're sending good MoBo energy your way!


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